The Differences Between Medical Assistants And LVN’s

The Job Description Differences Between San Diego Medical Assistants And LVN’s

There are many differences between a medical assistant and a licensed vocational nurse (LVN). An LVN is licensed to perform a number of tasks at the patient’s bedside, from taking vitals, to treating bed sores. They also have the knowledge to be able to give injections, take blood for testing, as well as help the patient with a number of daily tasks, bathing, personal hygiene, and take care of their physical and emotional needs. In addition, depending on the state where they are practicing, may be able to administer medications, apply IV’s, and even supervise other care workers. In Southern California, both medical assistants and LVN’s will need to be certified in CPR.

A graduate of one of the Medical Assistant Schools in San Diego on the other hand, handles the clinical and administrative tasks around the office, laboratory, and even clinics of doctor’s offices. They are really a ‘jack of all trades’ when it comes to running a medical office. In small offices, they can effectively handle a variety of duties, from getting patients into cubicles, cleaning up after their visits, as well as handling paperwork for the patient, the doctor, and the office itself. If it is a larger facility, they may have a more specialized position, taking care of the medical records, answering phones and taking intake information. They usually report directly to an LVN, or the doctor.

Both a certified medical assistant in San Diego as well as an LVN deal with patients on a one on one basis, and while the LVN takes care of the medical aspects of the patient, the assistant help them get their appointments set up, schedule blood work, and even set up hospital stays. Both of these professions have to be patient, understanding, and sympathize with the patient and their individual needs, just on different levels.

Medical assistants can spend from one to two years in a technical school, community college or university. Courses taken can range from office procedures for the medical community, to clinical practices. An LVN spends spend at least one year studying the same things, but they also take many more courses in order to pass the California State NCLEX-PN exam and become certified. Make sure to study for the Medical Assistant certification exam.

Wages for the two can vary greatly. A medical assistant can earn around $28,000 per year, while an LVN earns around $40,000. the actual earnings of the individual depends a lot on education, experience, the location they are working and how big the facility is. One the upside, because people are getting older, and have more and more health problems as they do, the demand for both of these careers is in a constant state of growth, and these job openings are going to continue.

You can find out much more information on becoming a medical assistant, or an LVN online, and there are even medical assistant schools that you can attend online as well. Because there is much more to just classroom learning, such as hands on experience, that if you decide to take some of these courses online, that you do so with an accredited school, one that has credits that can be transferred to real world schools. You’ll need the proper medical assistant certification when you prepare for your first job interview. Before that first interview, though, make sure your medical assistant resume is properly done.