How To Write An Effective Medical Assistant Resume

Preparing Your Resume: The Next Step After Your San Diego Medical Assistant Training

New Grads of the medical assistant schools in San Diego are very high in demand and the health care field is projected to grow rapidly in the future. If you are ready to begin your career as a medical assistant or if you want to find a new job in this industry, you must create an effective resume and cover letter before you begin the application process. Your medical assistant resume must show that you are a responsible and qualified professional that will be an asset to any employer. When you show up for your first medical assistant job interview, you want to have your resume in hand.

Include detailed contact information.

This may seem obvious but many applicants leave out the necessary up-to date information that hiring managers require. You should start your medical assistant resume by putting your name, present address, e-mail, and phone number centered at the top. Double-check everything to make sure there are no mistakes. All the information you provide must be accurate.

Include any relevant education and training that you have received.

Medical assistants are responsible for a variety of important tasks, and employers need to know that you have had the proper medical assistant training to handle them. List any courses or programs that you have completed and any degrees you earned. You will have an edge over other job applicants if you have a certification such as a San Diego Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) or a Registered Medial Assistant (RMA). So be sure to list your credentials on the resume. Don’t forget to add a copy of your current CPR certification San Diego American Heart Association card.

List your work experience.

Practical experience is very important in the health care field. In addition to administrative duties, you will be handling tasks such as recording the patients’ vital signs and handling their medical histories. While training is certainly important, you must show employers that you can apply it effectively to real life situations. Include any previous jobs that you’ve had in the medical assisting field and the tasks you were responsible for completing on a daily basis. If you are just starting out, mention any internships or volunteer work that you’ve done. Any relevant experience counts even if you did not get paid.

Highlight any relevant skills.

Medical assistants need to possess a variety of skills. Don’t write long complicated paragraphs but briefly list your skills and how you acquired them. Show that you are well-organized, able to work well with others, and are a quick learner. Being able to adapt to new technologies is very important in the healthcare career field since medicine and science is always evolving. Mention any skills or abilities that you think make you an exceptional employee. If you are applying for an LVN position even though you are a medical assistant, make sure you understand the differences between a San Diego medical assistant and an LVN!

When you are writing your resume keep in mind that medical office managers receive many resumes every day. The key to getting a job is standing out from your competitors by highlighting your skills and abilities in a clear and concise manner. After you are done writing your resume, look over it with a critical eye to make sure you haven’t left anything out or put down too much. Don’t exaggerate any of your skills or experience, but don’t be shy either. Remember that your medical assistant resume is a way of advertising yourself, so showcase any abilities that make you a valuable employee.