LVN Programs In San Diego

How To Become a Licensed Vocational Nurse In San Diego

A licensed vocational nurse in San Diego is a generalist nurse who works under the supervision of a registered nurse to care for the patients in a myriad of settings. Also known as licensed practical nurses, they basically provide bedside care to their patients like measuring and recording vital signs, preparing and administering jabs, dress wounds and provide clinical body massage. Some of them who are sufficiently experienced may work with certified nurse assistants in their duties.

Licensed Vocational Nurse Education

Since LVNs are lower in cadre compared to Registered Nurses, their training program takes only one year at a San Diego County community college, hospital or a nursing vocational school. However, the program chosen by potential LVNs must be approved by California’s Board of Nursing, otherwise they will never get the nursing license. That so far goes as training is concerned. After the training, there is the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN), that the student has to pass to get certified and licensed to work as an LVN. The high school students interested in this career are advised to take keen interest in these high courses: chemistry, biology, algebra, first aid training, food and nutrition, CPR certification, computer skills and psychology.

Funding your licensed vocational nursing training will set you back at least $2,000 although there are financial aids like student loans and nursing scholarships that help you to offset the amount. This fee variably changes according to the different situations.

A licensed vocational nurse can further studies to become a registered nurse through enrolling in one of the nursing schools in San Diego. offered at most training institutions. Plus, the experience gained while working as an LVN will count in your test, and consequently save you some time and money as you transit from an LVN to a RN.

Licensed Vocational Nurse Salary In San Diego

Just as is true with virtually all careers, the LVN salary is not normally fixed and the figures earned by different individuals in the same field with similar qualifications will never be the same. Differences in location, experience, education and type of employer will always give rise to salary discrepancies in the same field. However, the average annual salary earned by an LVN is $40,000 for an LVN with 3-5 years of experience. This means that if you are newer in this career, your paycheck will be lower than $40,000; and if you have considerable experience you earn almost $50,000 per annum. However, there are other health insurance and benefits plans attached to this career, which make it even more attractive.

The future seems bright for this field of nursing. According to research, an expected 21% growth rate is projected for this career in San Diego County over the next decade. This implies that it is a safe and stable career, and will continue to get better as the average lifespan increases. Coupled by the fact that many experienced nurses are either retiring or leaving nursing to take up teaching jobs, there will always be an opportunity for the fresh licensed practical nurses to work.