CNA Classes San Diego

What is a Certified Nurses Assistant?

A certified nursing assistant attends to the health care needs of patients, typically under the supervision of a registered nurse. Other titles used in reference to CNAs include nursing assistant, nurse’s aid, and patient care assistant. There are certain tasks that certified nursing assistants rely on Medical Assistants, LPNs or RNs for due to legal and liability issues.

The Role of a Certified Nursing Assistant

The duties and responsibilities that mat be assigned to you vary greatly depending on your level of training, and the state that you live in. CNAs in San Diego Ca are responsible for bedside care of patients and residents in long-term care facilities.

The culture of your particular company also defines and influences the role that you will play as a nursing assistant. CNA classes online are a great way to enhance your career prospects from the comfort of your own home.

Below is a list of some common duties and responsibilities:

  • Provide assistance, information, and support to nurses
  • Testing vitals like a patient’s temperature, pulse, and blood pressure
  • Attend to the physical and emotional needs of patients
  • Feeding the patients
  • Documents all services provided
  • Answering any questions that patients may have
  • The duties and responsibilities vary so greatly in large part because there are several types of facilities that a CNA could work at including, hospitals, adult care centers, hospice agencies, and nursing homes. Any duties unique to any of the facilities mentioned above would be in addition to the common duties mentioned above.

Certified Nursing Assistant Training In San Diego

In order to become a certified nursing assistant you will be required to undergo at least 6 months of training. Though 6 months is the standard course duration, additional training is available and encouraged if you wish to advance your training. There are a number of paths that you can take to finally become a certified nursing assistant.

The type of training that is really popular right now is CNA classes online. There are a number of benefits to online training, which are likely the catalyst for its rise in popularity. Some of the advantages that past students have cited regarding online training include that it’s convenient, flexible, affordable, and timely. Getting your CNA certification online is a perfect option for you if you’re one of the many who have other responsibilities that take much of your time including a current job and family responsibilities.

There are a number of different training programs, but one of the best is the Red Cross CNA training program. The training offered is focused and students are equipped to work as nursing assistants at a high level. In order to become a CNA, the student will need to find a San Diego CPR certification class.

Another route that you could take for your training is one of San Diego’s community college CNA programs. The two huge benefits of training at a college are training that is high quality and extensive, and highly transferable should you intend on taking your studies to the degree level. College training is perfect for you if your desires include ascending to the highest level in the filed. You will also get training to properly prepare you for the practical portion of the CNA program. As you progress through your certification courses, your training my grow to include training at an actual hospital. Live training is hugely beneficial to you as a student because it allows you pick the type of facility you want to eventually work at as your career progresses, and gain valuable experience within the field. Once your coursework is complete you’re still required to pass the certification exam before you can officially call yourself a Certified Nursing Assistant.