How To Prepare For The Certified Medical Assistant Exam

Taking The CMA Exam After Completing The San Diego Medical Assistant Program

Are you preparing for the Certified Medical Assistant exam? Passing the exam is not easy and you need to prepare correctly if you want to move on to the next step in your career. But finding the right resources to prepare for the CMA exam can be confusing. So what action steps can you take to make sure you have all the information covered for the actual test?

Step 1: Download CMA Exam Outline

The first thing you can do is to download the CMA certification exam outline. You can find it at American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) web site. This will give you the complete overview on what you will need to cover in order to prepare for the test.

The outline lists various subjects from medical terminology, anatomy, psychology, to communication. These are the subjects you need to be proficient with as a student of one of the medical assistant schools in San Diego. From there it will list the subtopics for each subject and the details that you need to cover in lettered bullets.

Step 2: Take Practice Exams

The second step is to take practice with sample questions. The first topic should be for anatomy and physiology. You can find the practice exam here. The questions for the practice exam will be in multiple choice and after you finish the practice exam, you can check it against the answers to see how you fared.

It is the same process for the practice exam designed to help you memorize medical terminology. You can access this practice exam here. You should constantly repeat the exams until you become familiar with all the questions and answers.

Step 3: CMA Exam Review Course & Study Guide

The third step is to take a certified medical assistant exam review course if there is one near your area. The course will help you study and better prepare for the test. You should also join your local chapter of the AAMA as it will help you network with medical assistants and students. This will help you find fellow students to study with and also ask assistants about the actual test.

If you have very limited time or prefer to study at home, here are some excellent study guides that will help you prepare for the exam. If you are serious about passing the CMA exam, you should carefully follow one of these study guides.

Step 4: Back To The Outline

The fourth step is to go back to the outline and break down the subjects for study material. Gather up all the textbooks and documents that you need to go over and highlight the subjects that are listed in the outline. From there look at the sub topics that you will need to know and find the material you need to go through.

Step 5: Follow Studying Schedule

The final step is to devote yourself to a studying schedule. If you want to pass the CMA exam, you should put in a certain number of hours every day or every week. You want to be consistent so that you will be prepared for what the actual exam will throw at you. If there is a topic that you are not strong in, focus more of your time in that area until you are comfortable. You’ll also need to have your updated San Diego CPR Certification card.

So those are some solid tips on preparing for the certified medical assistant exam. By following everything mentioned in this article, you will be able to cover all the bases and get the knowledge you need to do well in the exam. Make sure you stay organized and tackle one topic at a time until you are confident with your progress and ready to get your San Diego medical assistant certification.