Nursing Scholarships

Nursing Scholarships To Help Pay For Nursing School

Nursing students have access to thousands of grants and nursing scholarships from a myriad of sources. The most common sources of these scholarships and student loans are the federal government, followed by college nursing scholarships and finally the community-initiated grants. Additionally, there are online programs in nursing that offer assistance to nursing students, in case the student is pursuing an online nursing degree course. The secret to getting a nursing scholarship is doing your research thoroughly well, and more importantly applying for them as well.

What are the Benefits of Nursing Scholarships?

There are many benefits that are associated with nursing scholarships, with the most obvious being reduction in tuition and other required fees. The grant also covers summer sessions, repeated courses and increases in tuition fees provided some conditions are met. The second benefit of getting a scholarship is the acquisition of the stipend amount. This is the amount paid to both full-time and part-time students on a regular basis, as an allowance for their maintenance and upkeep. This too is subject to certain terms and conditions. Receipt of this amount should not be mistaken to be employment from the Fed Government, and you will still be required to seek employment after training.

Eligibility for Nursing Scholarships

Not everybody will be eligible for the scholarships especially those offered by the government. For instance, if we take the US as our study case, the following conditions are applicable for eligibility.

  1. US Nationality. This implies that you must be a permanent resident or a US Citizen in order to receive the government aid.
  2. Have an admission letter or already be enrolled as a student in an accredited San Diego nursing program at one of the recognized institutions. This is to ensure that the grant disbursed will go directly into the school, and won’t be channeled for other purposes.
  3. Submit a fully completed application and a signed contract. Getting a scholarship is really hard, and you must put in real effort if you are to get a nursing scholarship.

The following are some of the disqualifying factors:

  • One of them is being under any judgment lien against any property due to a debt owed to the US.
  • Secondly, if one has defaulted in any prior service obligation, he may be disqualified from accessing the San Diego nursing scholarship.
  • Finally, if one has been excluded, suspended, debarred or disqualified by the Federal Agency.

Winning the Nursing Scholarship

When selecting the winners, the donors are usually keen on your history of honoring past obligations. The other thing is academic performance. You must demonstrate a good record to maintain the scholarship and stand a chance of winning even more nursing scholarships. The other two things are your essays and the recommendations. When properly done, they show your commitment to pursue nursing, and impressing the donors will be easy and increase your chances of being awarded with a nursing scholarship.