RN Salary San Diego

Average Registered Nurse Salary In San Diego

The RN Salary as it is today, is usually determined by a number of factors, and will never be known with total exactness. When reviewing the salary, we normally use averages meaning that the figure could be slightly higher or lower than the stated amount. Some of the factors that influence how much a Registered Nurse takes home at the end of the day are location, level of education, years of experience, work setting, and which nursing school in San Diego the new nurse graduated from.

Impact of Education on the Registered Nurse Salary

Education is normally the shortest and easiest route to gain a pay rise, not only in nursing but in other careers as well. While acknowledging that hands-on experience is indispensable when it comes to working as Registered Nurse, we cannot stress enough the role played by that RN degree or other Nursing Certifications you have on your payslip’s net salary. Notably, the higher you go in your training the more experience you gain, and this translates into a better RN Salary for you. Education creates an upward mobility in the nursing field and proves your capacity to potential employers.

Differences in Registered Nurse Salary by Location In San Diego County

Contrary to the popular belief that if you work in large cities you earn more; determining how much a RN earns according to geographical dispersion is normally determined by the natural forces of demand and supply. While it is obvious that those working in towns may attract additional benefits, like a higher Housing Allowance, it is not the basic determinant of the net salary. For instance, in San Diego you expect the competition to be cut-throat and very stiff due to the influx of nurses who don’t want to work in the rural areas. Thus, hiring them becomes cheap since many are readily available. On the other hand, small cities may suffer from shortages of Registered Nurses, making the ones available to be high on demand. This automatically means a better RN Salary than that of their counterparts.

Hourly Rate of Registered Nurse Salary

After putting all the above factors into consideration that average Registered Nurse Salary in San Diego is $ 64,000 per annum. Instructively, the more you continue working as a nurse the further you go up the pay scale. This means that you may start with a paltry $20 hourly wage, and soar up to reach the coveted $40+ hourly rate. The key is to be consistent, and to complete your continuing studies as well.

Jobs with The Highest Registered Nurse Salary

According to data and statistics from the Dept of Labor, there are certain industries that have the best RN Salary for the nurses. The Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing is one of them. With an hourly rate of $37, it’s arguably among the best paying industries in this field. Followed by other institutions like Medical Journal Publishers, Civic and Social Organizations and the Fed Executive Dept. all these have an hourly wage in the upwards of $35.60. Regardless of what type of nursing job you take, you’ll still need to keep your San Diego CPR certification up-to-date.